Home Inspection pricing is based on the total square footage of the home, including basement. Price includes the inspection of an attached garage.


  Single Family Home Inspections range based on size

  and age of the home. Prices start at $350.

  Please call for quote.


2 Bedroom Condo/Apartment............................ $295

Detached Garage / Outbuilding ........................... $75

Reinspection.........................................$50 per system


Radon Testing (with a home inspection)........... $125

Radon Testing (without a home inspection)..... $175

   Water Testing & Termite Inspections available. 


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to schedule your home inspection.

Here's what people are saying about Randall Property Inspections:


"After debating on whether to get a home inspection due to the newness of the home we were purchasing, we decided to go with Randall Property Inspections. We settled on an inspection because of our unfamiliarity with log homes. Rachel was quick to respond and on time the day of the inspection. After spending some time with Rachel on the site I could tell she was thorough, but it wasn't until after I received the report that I was 'wowed'. 
Not only did she discover many things that needed to be addressed immediately, but she basically created a blueprint to reference when repairing minor details. We couldn't be happier with Rachel and Randall Property Inspections. At the end of the day we have peace of mind purchasing our home, knowing that it was inspected with a fine tooth comb (or in our case, the use of a tiny screwdriver to find rot at the base of some deck posts). We highly recommend Rachel's services!"

Paul V., Valparaiso, IN (January 2017) 

"Thanks so much, Rachel. We really appreciate all the good work you've done for us. Will definitely recommend you to anyone we know that needs an inspector."

-​Bart M., Valparaiso, IN   (February 2015)

"Outstanding! Rachel you are awesome. I've purchased 3 homes in two different states and I've never received such a detailed inspection report. It was a pleasure to meet you. I was impressed with your knowledge, skills, and abilities--not many women in your line of work to begin with, so you continue to rock!"

-Regina B., Merrillville, IN   (October 2012)