For the Home Buyer

​​A home inspection is a complete evaluation of the home's health coupled with a thorough explanation to the home buyer so they can proceed with the transaction fully aware of the house's conditions.  No house is perfect and each comes with a different list of maintenance instructions.


By the end of the inspection, the buyer will know what items need prompt attention, how to maintain the house and its systems, and what systems may need to be replaced in the coming years.



Radon Testing
Radon is an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas that causes lung cancer.
Radon gas comes from the uranium in the bedrock beneath homes, schools, and buildings. 
This is a fixable problem, but you first need to test your home to discover the radon levels and whether they are high enough to take action.
For the Home Seller

Planning to sell your home? Inspect it before you list it. A Seller's Pre-Listing Inspection alerts you to any problems with your home so you can address them before prospective buyers discover them. Use the inspection report as your to-do list.

Get your home in shape, attract buyers, and remove obstacles before them can interfere with the sale of your home.

Manufactured Home Foundation Certifications


If you are buying a manufactured home with a loan, you will need a foundation certification. All FHA and VA loans require an engineer's foundation certification, stating that the home is placed on a permanent foundation that complies with HUD.  

We have partnered with the engineers at Foundation Certifications to provide a turn-key foundation certification service to you. You may place your order online at

Save time and money by scheduling your home inspection and foundation certification together.

Water Testing


What's in your drinking water?

If you are buying a house with a well, we recommend you have the water tested for bacteria like E Coli and total coliforms, and nitrates/nitrites.

Buying an older home? We can test the drinking water for lead too.

Pest Inspections


Wood Destroying Organisms like termites and carpenter ants can chew through the wood in a house and ruin it. Early detection is the key to avoiding expensive repairs. 

Pest inspections results are reported on Form NPMA-33 for VA loans.

Routine Maintenance Inspections


It's recommended that 1% of the purchase price of your home should be set aside each ear for maintenance.


So a $300,000 home should have a $3,000 annual maintenance budget. Not sure where to start? Have your home inspected to identify needed repairs and help determine priority.

Design Consultation

Planning a big renovation? Start with an inspection and a design consultation so we can put together a cost efficient way to get the look and functionality you want while simultaneously addressing your home's needs.