What Does a Typical Home Inspection Cover?


  • Foundation - basements, crawlspaces, grading, sump pumps and drainage systems

  • Roof - roof covering, gutters, skylights, chimneys, roof penetrations

  • Exterior - siding, trim, doors, decks, balconies, porches, patio, steps

  • Interior - walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, doors, windows, cabinets, appliances

  • Plumbing System - supply piping, faucets, fixtures, waste & vent piping, water heater, ejector pump

  • Electrical System - supply wiring, main panel box, subpanels, service grounding, lights, outlets, switches

  • Heating & Cooling Systems - furnace, fireplaces, chimneys, airflow in ductwork, air conditioning

  • Insulation & Ventilation - insulation and ventilation of unfinished areas like attics and crawlspaces


What happens during a home inspection?


  • Inspect more than 400 items and take photos of things you'll want to reference later.

  • Identify any safety hazards present and direct you on how to fix the problem.

  • Show you how various systems work and and explain the conditions found.

  • Teach you about the areas of the home that will require regular maintenance.

  • Identify any major expenditures coming up so you can budget for these potential expenses.

  • Deliver a detailed report to you within 24 hours.